Is it possible to have the best services, safety and quality of life for your family at fair prices?

Yes, it is possible with Modern House Construction! Only here you will find the best professionals at your disposal, who perform complete services and make your place exactly the way you want at prices to suit every budget. You and your family will enjoy a better quality of life since our efficient professionals will provide safety for your family for the next years.

Renew your house with experienced and
trustworthy professionals

Our services are for you who:

Value the safety of your family

Want a safe investment

Are looking for a trustworthy, high quality company to renew your home

Want to enjoy modernity inside and outside your residence

Our services:

Kitchen Remodeling

Our team performs your kitchen remodeling project to make your space stunning again; you will enjoy the place of your dreams, with safety, agility, and beauty.

Bathroom Remodeling

We will completely transform your bathroom in just a few days with our bathroom remodeling services.


We understand that your basement deserves all our attention, so our team uses the best techniques in order to make your basement more beautiful and safer.

Bring your project to life with safety,
efficiency and durability!

Our services:


With our modern, safe, and beautiful decks your leisure moments among your family and friends will become unforgettable.

Finish Carpentry (doors, windows and trim insulation)

Besides offering you the best remodeling services, we also perform door finishing, window finishing, and trim insulation services to make your house more beautiful and safe.

Our services are for you who:


It will be easier for you to clean, organize or even modify your space.

Qualified professionals

We work with the most skilled professionals around Massachusetts, that is why all our services are performed and delivered with efficiency and perfection.


Our services are known for attention to everyone’s safety; besides the protection during our project, you and your family will also live safely and peacefully for the next years.

Safety and well being guaranteed
for your family

Welcome to


Our company started from an issue we noticed that our community frequently dealt with: the difficulty of finding remodeling services done by experienced, qualified and honest professionals at a fair price.

Through the 7 years we have been in the market, we have renovated the appearance of over 250 properties and guaranteed the satisfaction of hundreds of homeowners and their families. One of our most treasured values is delivering exceptional results to assure our customers’ satisfaction.

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